In order to facilitate accessibility and utilization of TETFund allocations the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, administration constituted a TETFund Committee and charged it with the broad responsibility to administer and manage TETFund interventions in the University including disbursing and monitoring the funds allocated to beneficiaries. It is thus envisaged that TETfund Committee will serve as a coordinating center for TETFund and TETFund related activities in the University.

Specific mandate of the Committee are;

  1. In direct communication with TETFund to monitor their activities, collect first hand information and advice the University appropriately.
  2. To attend meetings/workshop related to its area of coverage.
  3. To create awareness about TETFund grants/interventions in the University.
  4. To handle any related activity of TETFund in the University.
  5. To follow-up/track University documents/submissions at TETFund Office.
  6. To respond adequately and promptly to any task as may be requested by TETFund.
  7. To monitor and evaluate the general performance of TETFund interventions in the University.
  8. Any other actions as may be directed by the Vice-Chancellor or Management.

Members of UNN-TETFund Committee are:

  • B. M. Anene, Senate Scholarship Committee          Chairman
  • Charles Igwe, Director Advancement Centre Member
  • (Mrs) Chinwe Ezeani, University Librarian Member
  • J. Ihedioha, Director Vet Teaching Hospital  Member
  • Osadebe, Director Works Services Dept. Member
  • M. Osilike, Director, Physical Planning Unit              Member
  • Mr Obinna Onubia, Registrar’s representative Secretary